The main area of our services is industrial refrigeration equipment, its installation, repair and maintenance.

We supply refrigeration equipment from the following manufacturers:

  • Kelvion (Goedhart) – evaporators, condensers;
  • Heat Exchangers s.r.o. – evaporators, condensers
  • Geneglace – ice generators;
  • Alfa Laval – evaporators, condensers, heat exchangers;
  • DANFOSS – automation for refrigeration equipment;
  • WITT (TH. WITT Kältemaschinenfabrik GmbH) – pumps for refrigerants, valves, pressure tanks, heat exchangers;
  • AERMEC – coolers
  • FRIO NORDICA – industrial ice makers for lump ice production;
  • MAREL FOOD SYSTEMS – spiral and tunnel apparatus IQF, conveyors – refrigeration IQF.
  • DECSA – cooling evaporation towers
  • STEFANI – Air heat exchangers
  • HEINEN Freezing – industrial machines and equipment for continuous pasteurizing, proofing, cooling and freezing of food.
  • BALTIMORE AIRCOIL – equipment for evaporative or hybrid cooling and ice storage.
  • RIVACOLD – industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Insulated doors and cold rooms:

  • Ems Isoliertüren GmbH – insulated doors for cold rooms;
  • FRIGOR-BOX – Italy – insulated cold rooms, insulated doors for storage and cold rooms

We supply technological equipment for food industry companies:

  • STYLE Technology – grading machines for fish;
  • SEMI-STAAL – washing machines for industrial containers;
  • 3X Technology (Skaginn 3X) – technological (washing,

grading, packaging) and refrigeration equipment for food Industry;

  • NILKAMAL – insulated plastic containers for use in the food industry.

We provide also electrical works, assembly of electrical panel boards.